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The mapping functions are typically used for display of images that are not in standard 8-bit format. For example, complex data resulting from the Fourier transform typically is log remapped for display. Additionally, floating point data, which can result from a variety of imaging operations often needs to be remapped for display. In some cases we may want to perform a linear remap, in others simply shift and/or compress the data for display. If the image as displayed is all white or all black, it is most likely a remapping problem. For example, in some cases, any value above 255 is displayed as white and anything below zero is shown as black.

We include functions to perform linear remapping, logarithmic remapping, conditional and relative remapping. The conditional remapping allows the user to specify the data type to be used as well as the data range in the output image. Relative remapping is use for multiband, typically RGB color images, to retain the relative amount (ratios) between bands. This avoids color shifting that occurs if each band is remapped separately.