relative_remap_cvip() - remaps the data range of input image.



[ outImage ] = relative_remap_cvip( inImage, rangeIn )

Input Parameters include :

Output Parameter includes :


The function linearly remaps the data range of input image into new range.The user has the choice to either specify the new range or let the function choose the default range.If the user doesn't pass the range in input parameter,the default range is maximun possible range of the datatype of input image.And in case of multiband image,the function performs the relative remapping, and to perform it,first,it finds the band having highest range.Second,it finds the mapping parameters corresponding to that band and maps all bands using same parameters.


1. Scott E Umbaugh. DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING AND ANALYSIS: Applications with MATLAB and CVIPtools, 3rd Edition.


%Read image

 I = imread('butterfly.tif');

% Calling function with default range

 O1 = relative_remap_cvip(I);

% Calling function with new range user specified

 rangeIN = [0 200];

 O2 = relative_remap_cvip(I,rangeIN);

% Display input image

 figure;imshow(I);title('Input Image');

% Display output image

 figure;imshow((O1));title('Relative remapped Image with default parameters')

 figure;imshow((O2));title('Relative remapped Image with User specified parameters');


Author: Norsang Lama, March 2017
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