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Edge/Line Detection

The edge/line detection group of functions includes the standard first order gradient based edge detectors, such as the Roberts, Sobel and Prewitt and the second order Laplacian. The Sobel and Prewitt return separate images for the magnitude and direction, while the Laplacian offers different approximate convolution masks. Additionally, the compass mask operators, Kirsch and Robinson are available. Advanced edge detection algorithms such as the Marr-Hildreth, Canny, Boie-Cox, Shen-Casten and the Frei-Chen are also included. The corner detectors, Moravec and Harris, and the Hough line finding transform with it associated edge linking functions are here. The Cervenka and Charvat method for multi-band images is available, as well as a function to measure Pratt’s Figure-of-Merit (FOM) which can be used to evaluate and compare edge detection methods.