log_ace_filter_cvip() -performs a LOG ACE filter operation.



new_image = log_ace_filter_cvip( imageP,W, k1,k2)

Input parameters include:

Output parameter includes :


Logarithmic ACE filter is a slight variation of the Adaptive contrast enhancement filter. The function filters the input image on a block-by-block basis depending on the filter block size specified by the user and uses logarithmic factors to perform adaptice contrast enhancement on different parts of the image.


1.Scott E Umbaugh. DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING AND ANALYSIS: Applications with MATLAB and CVIPtools, 3rd Edition.


% Read Image

 imageP = imread('butterfly.tif');

% Filter block size

 W = 11;

% Local gain factor constant

 k1 = .8;

% Local mean factor

 k2 = 1;

% Calling function

 new_image = log_ace_filter_cvip( imageP,W, k1,k2);

% Display input image

 figure;imshow(imageP);title('Input Image');

% Display output image

 figure;imshow((new_image),[]);title('Output Log ace filtered Image');


Author: Mehrdad Alvandipour, March 2017
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