improved_mmse_filter_cvip() - An improved algorithm for MMSE filter.



new_image = improved_mmse_filter_cvip( imageP, noise_var, kernel_size, threshval)

Input parameters include:

Output Parameter include :


This function begins the improved mmse restoration algorithm with window size of kernel_size and noise variance of noise_var. Noise-to-local-variance ratio for the largest window size is computed and if it meets the threshold criterion, then MMSE is computed. If not, the window size is reduced and the process continues until the criterion is met, or we are reduced to a 3x3 window.


1. Scott E Umbaugh. DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING AND ANALYSIS: Applications with MATLAB and CVIPtools, 3rd Edition.


% Read image

 imageP = imread('imp_mmse.bmp');

% noise variance

 noise_var = 300;

 kernel_size = 9;

 threshold = 0.6;

% Call function

 new_image = improved_mmse_filter_cvip( imageP, 300,  9, 0.6);

% Display input image

 figure;imshow(imageP);title('Input image');

% Display output image

 figure; imshow(new_image/255);title('Output image');


Author: Mehrdad Alvandipour, March 2017
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