exp_ace_filter_cvip() - performs an exponential ACE filter.



new_image = exp_ace_filter_cvip( imageP,W, k1,k2)

Input Parameters include :

Output Parameters include:


Exponential ACE filter is a slight variation of the Adaptive contrast enhancement filter. The function filters the input image on a block-by-block basis depending on the filter block size specified by the user and uses exponential factors to perform adaptice contrast enhancement on different parts of the image. As the local mean factor is increased, more of the original image is retained and no postprocessing is applied.


1. Scott E Umbaugh. DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING AND ANALYSIS: Applications with MATLAB and CVIPtools, 3rd Edition.


% Read image

 image1 = imread('kuw.png');

% Filter block size

 W1 = 11;

% Local gain factor exponent

 k1 = .8;

% Local mean factor component

 k2 = 0.5;

% Call function

 new_image1 = exp_ace_filter_cvip( image1,W1, k1,k2);

% Display input image

 figure;imshow(image1);title('Input Image1');

% Display output image

 figure; imshow(remap_cvip(new_image1));title('Output Image1');


Author: Mehrdad Alvandipour, March 2017
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