CVIP Toolbox Library Functions

This document contains the most recent listing of all functions available in CVIP Toolbox for MATLAB. The functions are grouped by library.



Arithlogic Library

addCVIP - add two images

andCVIP - perform a logical AND on two images

divideCVIP- divide one image by another

multiplyCVIP- multiply two images

notCVIP- perform a logical NOT on an image

orCVIP- perform a logical OR on two images

subtractCVIP- subtract one image from another

xorCVIP - perform a logical XOR on two images

Band Library

assemble_bandsCVIP - assembles 3-band image from 3 single-band images

extract_bandCVIP - extracts one band from a 3-band image

Color Library

luminanceCVIP - performs color to luminance transform

lum_averageCVIP - performs color to monchrome transform using average of all bands

pctCVIP - peforms the principal components transform in RGB-space

ccEnhanceCVIP - improves the color of the image

Conversion Library

gray_binaryCVIP - converts natural binary code to gray code and gray to binary

Feature Library

labelCVIP - labels objects

Geometry Library

copy_pasteCVIP - copies a subimage from one image and pastes it to another image

cropCVIP - crop a subimage from an image

enlargeCVIP - enlarges image to a user-specified size

rotateCVIP - rotate the given image by an angle specified by the user (Range 1 ~ 360 degrees)

shrinkCVIP - shrinks the given image by a factor specified by the user (Range 0.1 ~ 1)

spatial_quantCVIP - quantize an image by one of the following methods: average, median, or decimation

translateCVIP - move the entire image horizontally and/or vertically; also used for cut-and-paste of subimage

zoomCVIP - zoom the given image by a factor specified by the user (Range 1 ~ 10)

Histogram Library

get_histogram_ImageCVIP - generates a histogram Image from an image

gray_linearCVIP - graylevel linear modification

histeqCVIP - histogram equalization

hist_specCVIP - perform histogram manipulation using formula specified in by character string(s) for the equation(s)

hist_shrinkCVIP – shrink image data to specified range

hist_slideCVIP - histogram slide

local_histeqCVIP - local histogram equalization

hist_stretchCVIP - histogram stretch, specify range and percent clip both ends

Mapping Library

remap_ImageCVIP - map image data into a specified range

condRemap_ImageCVIP - performs conditional remapping

trun_ImageCVIP - remaps an image maintaining the relative size of each data band

condRemap_ImageCVIP - performs conditional remapping

Morphological Library

MorphClose_ImageCVIP - perform grayscale morphological closing

MorphDilate_ImageCVIP - perform grayscale morphological dilation

MorphErode_ImageCVIP - perform grayscale morphological erosion

MorphOpen_ImageCVIP - perform grayscale morphological opening

morph_thinningCVIP - performs thinning operation

morph_skeletonCVIP - perform skeletonization operation

morph_hitmissCVIP – perform hitmiss operation

Noise Library

gamma_noiseCVIP - add gamma noise to an image

gaussian_noiseCVIP - add gaussian noise

neg_exp_noiseCVIP - add negative-exponential noise

rayleigh_noiseCVIP - add rayleigh noise

salt_pepperCVIP - add speckle (salt-and-pepper) noise

uniform_noiseCVIP - add uniform noise

Segmentation Library

autothreshold_segmentCVIP- perform auto single thresholding segmentation

fuzzycCVIP- perform Fuzzy c-Means color segmentation

gray_quantCVIP- perform gray level quantization

hist_threshCVIP- perform adaptive thresholding segmentation

igsCVIP- perform improved gray scale (IGS) quantization

median_cutCVIP- perform median cut segmentation

otsuCVIP – perform otsu thresholding segmentation

pct_medianCVIP- perform PCT/median cut segmentation

sct_splitCVIP- perform SCT/Center Split segmentation

thresholdCVIP- perform binary threshold on an image

watershedCVIP - perform watershed segmentation

Spatial Filter Library

ace2_filterCVIP –adaptive contrast and enhancement filter

adaptive_contrastCVIP- adaptive contrast filter, adapts to local gray level statistics

adapt_median_filterCVIP - a ranked-order based adaptive median filter

alpha_filterCVIP - perform an alpha-trimmed mean filter

ad_filterCVIP – anisotropic diffusion filter

boiecox_filterCVIP – perform a Boie-Cox edge detection on the image

canny_filterCVIP – perform a Canny edge detection on the image

cerchar_filterCVIP - a spatial- multi spectral image edge detection filter

contra_filterCVIP - perform a contra-harmonic mean filter

edge_detectCVIP - perform edge detection on an image (Kirsch, Laplacian, Prewitt, Pyramid, Roberts, Robinson, or Sobel)

edge_link_filterCVIP - links edge points into lines

exp_ace_filterCVIP – performs an exponential ACE filter

geometric_filterCVIP - performs a geometric mean filter

harmonic_filterCVIP - performs a harmonic mean filter

harris_filterCVIP - a spatial (corner detection) filter

hough_filterCVIP - performs an hough transform, links specified lines

improved_mmse_filterCVIP - perform Improved Adaptive Minimum Mean Squared Error Filter

kirsch_filterCVIP - perform kirsch edge detection

kuwahara_filterCVIP – an edge preserving filter

log_ace_filterCVIP – performs a log ACE filter operation

marr_hildreth_filterCVIP – performs a Marr Hildreth edge detection on the image

maximum_filterCVIP - performs a maximum filter

mean_filterCVIP - perform a mean filter

median_filterCVIP - performs a fast histogram-method median filter

midpoint_filterCVIP - performs a midpoint filter

minimum_filterCVIP - performs a minimum filter on an image

mmse_filterCVIP - minimum mean squared error restoration filter

moravec_filterCVIP - a spatial edge detecting filter

param_ad_filterCVIP – parametric anisotropic diffusion

prewitt_filterCVIP - perform prewitt edge detection

raster_deblurCVIP - raster deblurring filter

shen_castan_filterCVIP – perform a Shen-Castan edge detection on the image

smooth_filterCVIP - smooths the given image (kernel size in the range 2 ~ 10)

sobel_filterCVIP - perform sobel edge detection

unsharpCVIP - performs unsharp maksing algorithm

Ypmean_filterCVIP - performs a Yp mean filter

Transform Library

dctCVIP - perform block-wise discrete cosine transform

haarCVIP - perform forward or inverse Haar transform

idctCVIP- perform inverse discrete cosine transform

ihaarCVIP - perform forward or inverse Haar transform

wavdaub4_transformCVIP - perform wavelet xform based on Daubechies wavelet

wavhaar_transformCVIP - perform wavelet transform based on Haar wavelet

walhadCVIP- perform Walsh/Hadamard transform (forward or inverse)

fftCVIP - performs fast fourier transform

fftmagCVIP - extract magnitude of fft

TransformFilter Library

Ideal_LowCVIP - perform ideal lowpass filter

Ideal_HighCVIP - perform ideal highpass filter

Ideal_BandPassCVIP - perform ideal bandpass filter

Ideal_BandRejectCVIP - perform ideal bandreject filter

Butterworth_LowCVIP - perform Butterworth lowpass filter

Butterworth_HighCVIP - perform Butterworth highpass filter

Butterworth_BandPassCVIP - perform Butterworth bandpass filter

Butterworth_BandRejectCVIP - perform Butterworth bandreject filter

HighFreqEmphasisCVIP - perform high frequency emphasis filter

homomorphicCVIP - performs homomorphic filtering on an input

h_imageCVIP - create a mask image according to the size and type

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